PERSPECT-H2O is organized in four interdisciplinary Workgroups.

WG1 Synthesis and Photocataysis

WG1 Synthesis and Photocataysis will generate efficient strategies towards stabilization of the catalytic centers (both for proton reduction and water oxidation) in all required redox states within the ligand scaffold provided by the supramolecular photocatalyst (SPC). This presents a central challenge, since well-stabilized catalytic centers present an indispensable prerequisite for long-term operating catalytic systems.

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WG2 Device integration

WG2 Device integration will immobilize hydrogen- and oxygen-evolving supramolecular photocatalysts (SPCs) developed in WG1 on large-surface area transparent conducting oxides and semiconductors as well as in membranes. Novel concepts for integration of SPCs into functional photocatalytically active electrodes will be derived and characterized experimentally.

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WG3 Photoinduced dynamics

WG3 Photoinduced dynamics combines state-of-the-art time-resolved as well as stationary spectroscopic characterization techniques with theoretical chemistry to obtain a full description of photoinitiated reaction steps in supramolecular photocatalysts (SPCs). Photoinduced energy and electron transfer as well as proton-coupled electron transfer present central function-determining steps in SPC photocatalysis. In particular, multi-electron-transfer will be studied in detail as generally more than one redox-equivalents need to be accumulated for proton reduction and water oxidation to take place.

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WG4 Structural Intermediates and Catalytically Active Species

WG4 will identify and characterize structural intermediates and catalytically active species as an essential prerequisite for understanding and optimizing supramolecular photocatalysts (SPCs) and guiding the design of novel systems.

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